The Gallery

Portraits of People

Portraiture is my first love. I don’t aim for photo realism, but for a strong likeness in a painterly style. I like close-ups of head and shoulders, but you’ll see from paintings in the gallery that I also offer full body (this works well for portraits of children). (Images not to scale)


Portraits of Pets

I love my own pets and very much enjoy capturing a pet’s indvidual character and personality.


Still Life and more

These paintings illustrate some of the other topics I like to paint, ranging from Morris Dancers to still life to views of Blackpool donkeys. Let me know if any of these spark your imagination.

A Trip to Sarajevo

These paintings are from a project I carried out after visiting Sarajevo to meet people who experienced the war in the 1990s. They are all taken (with permission) from photographs by the American photographer Mark Milstein and reflect some of the terrible experiences endured by the city’s inhabitants.

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